Corporate Transportation Service

We provide end to end technology solution, cabs and operation staffs to handle your complete employee transportation.

Service Offerings

Employee Transportation Services offered by OCabbie meticulously strives to fulfill a client’s demands of safety, convenience and cost-effectiveness. Our technology driven services aim at surpassing set industry standards for safety, time, comfort and convenience, at the same time adhering to environmental responsibilities.
Our organization has 4+ years of experience of running employee transportation in more than 13 cities.


OCabbie technology solution consists of Admin Website, Employee App(iOS, Android and Web) and Driver App(Android).


OCabbie partners with Cab vendors to provide your employees with a hassel free travel experience.


OCabbie provides trained operations staff who have huge expereience of handling vendors and drivers.

Why OCabbie?

OCabbie is one of the first Integrated Transportation Service(ITS) companies with focus on relieving companies from the tedious process of managing daily commute of their employees.

To provide high quality service to our clients, we have developed integrated technology solution to connect with employees, admins and drivers. We make sure that all our drivers are selected through a comprehensive process and a thorough background check.

How OCabbie Works?

Ocabbie has the most comprehensive employee transport management solution with the following features.


Register into Ocabbie app with official email.


Update the home and office address in map.


Create roster by providing office login and logout time.


Receive booking confirmation(App Notification or SMS) with trip details.


Driver receives details of our efficient routing algorithm that minimizes travel time and cost .


Employee can track the cab using the App which saves the time by eliminating the need to call the driver.


In case of any emergency employee can press the panic button.


If required cancel the booking by pressing cancel button!

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